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Master in logistics and supply-chain management IHEC Carthage - Asma Chouikh

Master in Digital Marketing ESSECT - Ines Sakkat

Master in Audit, International accounting, and control IESEG - Ahmed Abid


Master in Accounting - Mays Business School

  • Duration : 2years

  • Country : USA

Master of Marketing - Swansea University

  • Duration : 1year, Full Time

  • Country : USA

Master of International Relations - Corvinus University

  • Duration : 2years

  • Country : USA

Our Mission

Our website aims to facilitate research by offering
multiple possibilities of Masters degree in Tunisia or abroad in the field of business
for students who are still facing difficulties in choosing their master’s degree
according to their specialty.

We, by this project, aim to provide more guidance

and clarity for master programs seekers.

You will find all the needed information and
details with some videos recorded by students who succeeded in that program.

Our Mission


year of creation 


master program



About Us

The Junior Chamber international :

is a non- governmental organization of 200,000 young
citizens active in nearly 5,000 communities in over 112 countries around the world.
About JCI Tunisia:
JCI Tunisia is ranked among the best national organizations belonging to JCI with a
network of 130 local member organizations (LMOs) and more than 15,000 members in
About JCI TBS:
JCI Tunis Business School, reactivated on March 6, 2019, aims to prepare students for
entrepreneurial and social life, to help them achieve their goals, and to make active
members of society by mentoring them and developing their skills.

About Us
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