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Central European University—Department of Economics and Business

Master of Arts in Economic Policy in Global Markets

This program focuses on economic policy in the context of global markets. Its main aim is to give students sound foundations in economics, an understanding of the economic policy process, and to provide them with the analytical ability to evaluate economic policies at the macro and micro level.

Duration : 2 years (4 semesters)
Courses :
Data Analysis 
Macro Policy
Micro Policy 
Special Policy Areas
Funding : 

7,250 EUR Per installment

Business Analytics

MS in Business Analytics

Cover a unique mix of data analytics, computer science and business topics including programming, statistics with machine learning, big data and cloud computing, and data engineering. Complete your training with use case seminars, specialist courses on text mining, deep learning or agile project management, and a capstone consulting project.

Duration : 2 years (4 semesters)
Courses :
Data analysis: Prediction & Causality
Data Science & Machine Learning
Ethics of Big Data
Big Data & Cloud Computing
Funding : €15,000

MS in Finance

The MS in Finance is a specialized business master's program designed and taught with industry. Focus in on Investments & Banking, Financial Management, or Innovation & Fintech. Learn programming, data tools and analytics to prepare for tomorrow's leadership roles.

Duration : 2 years (4 semesters)
Courses : 
Boardroom Global Challenge
Corporate Finance & Risk Management
Financial Trading Design & Technology
Banking IT & Fintech: Bank to the Future
Funding : €12,000

MBA in Global Executive Management

The program prepares managers with 8+ years of experience to navigate today’s intricate managerial, technological, social and political forces. Our tailored curriculum combines high-level strategic, decision-making and leadership training with cutting-edge interactive, case-based instruction in finance, data analytics, economics marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship. Study in a transformative learning environment built on the principles of open society, where everything is open to challenge.

Duration : 28 months
Courses : 
Global Economy 
Business Strategy
Global Supply Chain
Corporate Finance & Risk Management
Big Data & Technology Management
Funding : €24,200(per year)
Management of NGOs

MA in International Relations

This program is designed for candidates who graduated from a three-year bachelor’s program and wish to deepen their thinking about the workings of international relations. After a year of introductory courses, we offer students a combination of gateway and elective classes so they can build specialized knowledge in subfields such as conflict and security or development.

Duration : 2 years
Courses : 
Academic Writing For International Relations
Critical Security Studies
International Political Economy
Political Economy of Development
Dark Legacies
Funding : €12,000(per year)
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