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Corvinus University of Budapest

MSc Business Informatics

Business Informatics combines business with computer science and information management. Solve complex business problems with the fastest, most efficient, technical business solutions. Develop IT, project management and business software application skills and essential soft skills.

Duration : 2 years
Courses :

Computer Science

Financial Statements & Analysis

Advanced Corporate Finance
IT Security

Funding :13 600 €

MSc Public Policy and Management

Plan, organise, implement and control governmental policies and actions. Become a leader. Corvinus‘ programme has a uniquely international perspective and is accredited by EAPAA - assuring your learning experience and enhancing your career prospects.

Duration : 2 years
Courses :

Comparative PublicAdministration  

ManagingOrganisations in the Public Sector 

Economics of thePublic Sector 

Institutions andProcesses of Public Policy 

Funding :13 600 €

MSc Regional and Environmental Economic Studies

An economics programme fit for global, urban, and rural challenges by applying critical approaches through geography, environment, and climate change. An AESOP partner (Association of European Schools of Planning).

Duration : 2 years
Courses :

Global and Regional Environmental Challenges  

Environmental Economics 

Spatial Planning and Urban Development 

Urban Economics and Sociology 

Funding :10 400 €

MSc Marketing

The aim of the programme is to educate marketing experts who are able to perform marketing management tasks in various business sectors and organizations. The programme focuses on the formation of analytical thinking, customer-centric attitude and strategic perspectives to allow students to meet the challenges of the digital marketing environment.

Duration : 2 years
Courses :

Management and Organisation  

Marketing Management

Business Communication and Strategy 

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Funding :12 000 €

MA International Relations

MA in International Relations will prepare you for an international career. Throughout the programme, you will follow major global events and political and economic occurrences, which you will discuss and debate in classes. This programme is a logical next step for graduates of international relations, international studies and other social science programmes. A Master in International Relations is also an exciting opportunity if you are looking to change discipline and broaden your knowledge and skills. 

Duration : 2 years
Courses :

Comparative ForeignPolicy

International Conflicts and Crises in the Post-Bipolar World

International Law inPractice

Global Challenges

Funding :10 400€

MSc Health Policy, Planning and Financing

Delivering healthcare – leadership, financing and policy-making. Explore multi-disciplinary fields, including health economics, health-policy and public healthcare strategies.

Duration : 2 years
Courses :

Introduction to Health Economics

Health Policy and Public Health

Health Care Financing

Health Informatics

Funding :10 400 €

MSc Finance

MSc Finance programme will forge you into a professional who has high level theoretical, methodological and practical competencies in finance, competitive in the labour market. 

Duration : 2 years
Courses :

Financial Algorithms

Business intelligence


Applied Corporate Finance

Funding :13 600€

MSc Economic Analysis

Fascinating economic theory, data analysis, applied to real-world, global, socio-political-economic situations. Develop the hard, soft skills and rigorous analytical abilities to add value to any corporate or state organisation in the world!

Duration : 2 years
Courses : 

Advanced Microeconomics  

Data Analysis



Funding :12 000€
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