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EADA Business School

Master in Management

The International Master in Management programme attracts high potential participants who aspire to a global business career. In addition to the core management competencies, participants develop personal and professional skills in the areas of communication, negotiation, teamwork and leadership.
Duration : 9 Months
Courses :
Managerial Decision Analytics
Managing Behaviour in Organizations
Managing Stakeholders
Leadership & Team Dynamics
Funding :24,500€

Master in Finance

Master in Finance participants learn how to assess investment opportunities and undertake financial analysis before developing the tools to perform complex valuations, understand the process of M&A, manage the risks associated with financial instruments and manage portfolios of investments. In the third trimester, students have the opportunity to specialise in a strategic tracks: corporate finance or investment banking.

Duration : 10 Months
Courses :
Asset Pricing
Financial Theory
Quantitative Finance


Funding :24,500€

Master in Sustainable Business & Innovation

The Master in Sustainable Business and Innovation is a truly unique, holistically driven program offering a different business paradigm for today´s young professionals. Our unique methodology ensures that you will develop the critical and design thinking skills to analyze, perform and inspire in an ever increasing volatile, uncertain, and complex business environment. 

Duration :9 months
Courses :
Sales & Sales Management
Finance For Entrepreneurs

Funding :22,800€

Master in Marketing

EADA’s Master in Marketing is designed to give you the key skills and knowledge to boost your international career in Marketing management at a time when digital technology is driving continuous change in the profession.
Duration :10 Months
Courses :
Management practices

Marketing practices
Politics & Strategy of The Company 
Funding :21,800€

Master in Digital Business

The Master in Digital Business is born from a key insight into the talent that today’s businesses need. The speed of innovation and change in digital technology requires managers with a broad and deep understanding of how these technologies can transform existing businesses and create new business models for emerging opportunities.
Duration :11 Months
Courses :
Data Science Research Methods
Advanced Financial Modelling
Machine Learning

Funding :29,000€

Online Master in FinTech

The Master Online in FinTech offers us to know and learn how the technological irruption is reconverting the current financial system. Big Data, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence... technology is here, and it is here to stay.
Duration : 12 months
Courses :
big data and financial analytics
fintech compliance
financial risk management
Funding :12,900€ (blended) /12,400€ (online)
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