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EAE Business School,Spain

Master in International Business

The Master of International Business is a general program with a particular focus on the international aspects of management needed in today’s business world. The program integrates studies in all of the areas of business activity in a quest to develop the most reliable policies and strategies that successfully achieve the objectives of a company in an international environment.

Duration : 12 months
Courses :
Analysis & Methods
Environmental & Global Markets
International Management

Funding : 19.500 €

Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics

EAE's Master in Supply Chain Management enables participants to successfully hold positions in the Operations area, equipping them with the professional versatility needed to operate effectively in the areas of Purchasing, Planning, Production, Logistics and Distribution. The program is designed to enhance your career to a maximum level of development.

Duration : 12 months
Courses :

supply chain management

Leadership in Operations and Logistics

information technologies

Supplier Innovation

Funding :15.000€

Master in Marketing and Sales Management

The Master in Marketing and Sales Management is designed to enable you to transform market challenges and opportunities into competitive advantages for the company. The program gives you solid training in both marketing and commercial management, as well as insight into the latest marketing trends and an in-depth understanding of the organizational aspects that generate corporate value, a key factor for the growth of any organization.

Duration :12 months
Funding : 17.500 €
Courses :

Organizational Management

Strategic Marketing

Strategic Market Planning

Marketing Information System


Master in Project Management

The current market dynamism and business environment have led to companies and organizations needing to manage numerous projects simultaneously. Within this context, the figure of Project Manager takes on a key importance in organizations and companies of all sizes, as they play a critical role in terms of designing efficient business strategies that take full advantage of the available resources. Meanwhile, globalisation, the emergence of new competitors and sudden changes in business strategies mean that, as well as being equipped with an in-depth knowledge of project management,

Duration :12 months
Courses :

Project Management: Strategy, Portfolio and Financing

Project Planning and Control: Scope, Timing & Cost

Quality and Risk Management, Procurement and Legal Aspects

The Human Factor

Funding : 15.500€

Master in Human Resources and Talent Development

The Master in Human Resources and Talent Development equips professionals to transform the department that connects and works with all the other areas of a company, and which takes charge of managing its most important asset: the people. During this Master, you will learn that the workplace must be underpinned by an ecosystem of wellbeing, success and professional development, which requires a change of model from the traditional HR management approach.

Duration : 12 months
Courses :

Strategic Management in Human Resources

Human Resources Context & Decision-Making

Functional Areas of Human Resources

Organizational Efficacy

Funding : 16.500 €

Master in Finance

The program equips you to tackle economic changes with the skill and foresight required by the current socioeconomic paradigm. After completing the Master in Finance, you will have the opportunity to transform into a finance professional who is flexible, involved in the strategic management of the company, able to interact with all the departments in an organization and proficient at optimizing the decision-making process in a changing economic and financial environment.

Duration : 12 months
Courses :
Financial Instruments & Markets
Financial Advice & Planning
Strategic Vision
Macro Economy
Funding : 16.000€
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