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ESSCA School of Management

MSc in International Finance

This MSc in International Finance  offers you a wide-ranging theoretical background and equips you with technical skills to pursue a career in finance and related disciplines, including equity analysis, portfolio management, consulting, trader sales, M&A and IPOs, securitization, and credit analysis in private or investment banking.

Duration :1 year
Courses : 
Project Financial Management
Research Methodology
Econometrics for Finance
Risk Management
Management Control
Funding : 16 225€

MSc in Digital & Big Data For Value 

This programme will prepare you to acquire skills such as agility in collecting and analysing multiple data sources across a variety of areas such as CRM, communication, risk management, or marketing. To reach this level, courses in intelligence, marketing, communication or statistics will be on par with practical cross-curricular projects.

Duration :1year
Courses :
Internet & Corporate Strategy
Web Technologies
Communicating & Selling On The Web
Business Intelligence
Big Data
Funding : 16 225€

MSc in Entrepreneurship & Design Thinking

The Msc in Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking aims to equip you with an entrepreneurial culture supported by a strong design orientation.

Duration :1year
Courses :
Design & Entrepreneurship
Business Modelling 
Business Traction 
Social & Digital Business
Business Development Project
Funding : 16 225€ 

MSc in International & Sustainable Management

The MSc in International and Sustainable Management combines two international aspects that have become crucial in every organisation – globalisation and sustainability. At ESSCA we provide you with a broad range of knowledge and tools on international management and sustainability that will allow you to take action in practice by adapting them to the type of organisation you wish to work in. If you wish to take on a leadership role on an international level, our MSc in International and Sustainable Management is the best investment in your future.

Duration :1year
Courses :
Global Strategic Analysis
Business Analytics
Global Marketing
Energy & Ecological Economics
Global Sustainable Finance
Funding : 16 225€
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