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Hult international business school

Master’s in Business Analytics

Harness the power of big data through statistical analysis and business acumen with Hult’s one-year MBAN and go on to make a meaningful impact in any organization.

Duration : 18-22 months
Funding : 34,500 USD
Courses :
Data Fundamentals
Algorithms for Data Science
Experimental Design & Applied Statistics
Collaboration & Communication



Master's in International Business

Prepare to thrive in a rapidly changing business world with Hult’s one-year MIB. Gain all-round business experience in an international environment and develop the skills most in-demand with employers worldwide.

Duration : One year
Courses :
Business Insights from Data
Financial Literacy
International Marketing
Business Process Analysis

Funding :176,000 AED

Global One-Year MBA

Accelerate your career in international business in one intensive year with a transformative campus experience that immerses you in diversity and takes you across the globe.

Duration : 1 year
Courses :
Authentic Leadership
Building a Sales Strategy
Business Insights Through Data
Data Management

Funding : 289,000 AED
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