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Institut d'Administration des Entreprises de Tunis IAE

Master of Accounting, Control, Audit (Professional)

The objective of the Master CCA is to prepare students for all professions in auditing, control, accounting and consulting, whether they are practiced in an accounting or auditing firm or in a company's financial department.  The Master CCA allows its holder to participate in the national accounting audit competition and to become a chartered accountant or to enroll in the DSGC of the Intec - Cnam Fance to prepare for and access the Diploma of Chartered Accountant of the French State.

Duration : 2 years
Courses :
Have expertise in  finance  and management
Acquire in-depth knowledge of accounting and auditing techniques
Acquire in-depth knowledge in legal, fiscal and social management
Funding : 8500

Master of Financial and Banking Engineering (Professional)

the objective of the  training  is to train high-level practitioners able to evolve in all trades of market finance, to provide an ability to imagine and implement financial arrangements perfectly suited to the needs and specific requirements of economic agents at the lowest cost. Indeed, the development of financial engineering  has led to the emergence of a new banking approach, more oriented towards  advice  and  services , which is also interested in the arrangements specific to the management of private  and  professional assets  , which are often strongly intertwined.

Duration : 2years
Courses :
disciplines of financial engineering
Analyze and interpret financial  andbanking engineering arrangements
Funding :8500 TND
Duration : 2years
Funding :

Master of Management : Project Management and Creation (Professional)

The Professional Master program   in Creation and Project Management at IAE  Tunis aims to raise the level of  training  of licensees so as to make them able to undertake, manage and lead projects in complex environments of all sizes and in all sectors of activity by:

  • The development of an overview of the projects of the company  and the expertise necessary to manage

  • The development of "Soft skills" (leadership, communication, etc.) to effectively manage teams

Duration :2 years
Funding : 8500 TND
Courses :
  • Adopt favorable attitudes and postures in projects to obtain the expected results.

  • Adapt and execute project management processes


Master of Digital Marketing (Professional)

The objective of this Master's program is to raise the level of training of graduates so as to make them fit for the future professions of Communication and Digital in all sectors of activity.

Duration :2 years
Courses :
identify and manage associated service providers;

use and analyze Data (it is not Big Data);

Learn how to build a marketing strategy

Funding : 8500 TND

Master of Logistics and International Commerce (Professional)

This Master aims to meet the need for training students in logistics techniques related to international trade. This specialized training will enable students to acquire both theoretical and technical skills in the fields of logistics and international transport. This Master responds to the needs of national exporting companies seeking to strengthen their competitiveness in a globalized world, by developing competitive advantages based on the synchronization of several activities in the field of foreign trade, logistics and transport.

Duration :2 years
Courses :
  • Design, implement and maintain strategic insight into local and global supply chain logistics and activity;

  • Combine theoretical and practical knowledg

Funding :8500 TND

Master of Insurance : Risk, Insurance, Bank Management (Professional)

This Master aims to train students in insurance and banking, to give them the tools and skills necessary to identify, assess and manage the related risks.

In fact, applied to companies, Risk Management consists of identifying the hazards that weigh on the company's assets. All economic activity involves risks that managers must manage and above all assess. To do this, it is necessary to identify them and reduce them to a minimum, financially bear the burden of those deemed acceptable, treat by third parties according to processes of externalization of the risks linked to certain activities and, finally, transfer some of them to the companies of insurance

Duration :2 years
Courses :





Funding :8500 TND

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


  • To deepen the knowledge and skills acquired;

  • To acquire professional skills in business strategy and general management;

  • To develop a conception and an understanding of the professional and economic world on an international scale;

  • To optimize employability and competitiveness on the labor market;

  • To acquire a professional know-how allowing the student to respect the codes of a company (exemplarity, punctuality, dress code, controlled expression, discretion and professional reserve ...), to manage a team, to master the tools of analyze, manage risks, anticipate and develop a strategic projection of SMEs type companies.

Duration :2 years
Courses :
Marketing / communications
Human Resource Management
Logistics purchasing quality
Project management
Funding :8500 TND
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