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IE Business School

Master in Management

To succeed in the real world of business, you need to do more than study – you need to experience the business world on every level. Our 1-year Master in Management program is an intense, hands-on, deep dive into the cutting edge of technological innovation. By learning on the frontline in close partnership with real companies, you’ll gain the tools, techniques and insights to drive disruptive transformation in any sector.

Duration : 1 year
Courses :
Customer Relationship Management
Brand Management
Professional Communication & Development
Strategic Marketing
Digital Marketing Strategy & Technologies

Funding : 38.200€

Master in Finance

The Master in Finance is divided into 3 terms and 4 key areas of knowledge and skills for professionals in Finance. It is delivered in 2 formats so you can choose the option that best fits your lifestyle: Full-Time 12-months (immersive year in Madrid). Part-Time 22 months (online with 3 face-to-face periods in Madrid and Frankfurt).

Duration : 1 year
Courses :

Advanced Corporate Finance

Financial Modeling

Derivatives & Risk Management

Quantitative Finance II

Financial Programming

Funding : €37,200

Master in Digital Marketing

The Master in Digital Marketing is a 11-month program, taught by industry experts using hands-on and practical methodologies in order to bring the real challenges digital marketing professionals face today into the classroom. You will also develop project management, team building, and communication skills.

Duration : 11 Months
Funding : 29,200€
Courses :
Marketing Fundamentals
Brand Strategy (Marketing Plan)
Branding (brand architecture, brand identity, packaging, etc.)
E-Commerce and E-Marketplace Platforms
Product & Service Innovation


MSc in Corporate and Marketing Communication

The Master in Corporate & Marketing Communication is divided into 3 terms and 5 key areas of knowledge and skills for professionals in Marcom. It is delivered in 2 formats so you can choose the option that best fits your lifestyle: Full-Time 10-months (immersive year in Madrid). Part-Time 15 months (online with 4 face-to-face periods in Madrid).

Duration :10 months
Courses :


Corporate Social Responsibility & Social Impact

Content Marketing: Engaging Digital Communities

Integrated Marketing Communication

Funding : 29,200€

Master in Digital Business and Innovation

In most top schools, business and tech education happen in silos. Management students touch on IT and digital, but don’t get the deeper knowledge and hands-on tech experience necessary to jumpstart a real tech-centered career. And likewise, tech students in computer science and engineering don’t learn the fundamentals of business innovation. This is why we have handcrafted the Master in Digital Business & Innovation.

Duration :11 Months
Courses :
Digital Business Models
Marketing & Customer Analytics
Digital HR & Finance
Connected Operations
Business Intelligence
Funding :  30,200€

MSc in Business Analytics and Big Data

The Master in Business Analytics and Big Data molds future data scientists ready to help their companies become data-driven businesses by extracting relevant insights from data and using advanced analytics to drive decision-making processes. They are professionals who are capable of rethinking and rebuilding processes, products, and services by applying machine learning & AI to solve user problems.

Duration :10 Months
Courses :
Business Transformation
Data Science
Big Data Technologies
Professional Skills
Funding : 38,200€
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