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Master of Entrepreneurship & International Development (Professional)

The master's degree in Entrepreneurship and International Development has the direct objective of developing the entrepreneurial and international potential of students and thus promoting the professional integration of young graduates in a globalized entrepreneurial context.

Duration : 4 semesters
Courses :

Regional and international environment

Business strategy

team management

International financial engineering

International business law

Funding : free

Master of Financial Engineering (Professional)

The Financial Engineering master's degree trains high-level financial operations specialists in a professional course. The training is aimed primarily at students with a scientific background, who have already acquired a strong knowledge of finance, wishing to acquire master's level skills in the engineering and finance professions.

Duration : 4 semesters
Courses :

Company policy and strategy

Operational research

Capital markets and financial theory

Economics of financial markets

Funding :free

Master of Accounting & Audit Software (Professional)

The objective of this master is to train in the national program of the Certificate of Accounting Revision. In addition to the curriculum for accounting audit subjects, the CPA brings innovations and more compared to this conventional training in accountancy, namely:

Duration : 4 semesters 
Courses :

In-depth commercial company law

Management control practice and technology

In-depth taxation

International economy

Financial market

Funding : free

Master of Co-Built Internal Audit & Information Systems Audit (Professional)

Master the tools of commercial and competitive intelligence and marketing techniques and IT tools for collecting, analyzing and using information.

Meet the needs of companies for executives, combining analytical and foresight skills

Duration :The Program is structured around 3 semesters of courses and a semester dedicated to the writing of an internship thesis (internship of 3 to 6 months) to be defended in front of a jury.
Courses :
In-depth management control
Forecasting techniques
Strategic management
Funding : free

Master of Accounting & Tax Engineering (Professional)

for professional purposes, this master's degree is a university diploma which prepares high-level executives for the various professions in the accounting and tax field. It aims to foster a deep understanding of the different disciplines related to accounting and taxation and to enable graduates to broaden their fields of expertise in these areas. The master's degree consists in particular of specialized and advanced courses in accounting and taxation in certain specific sectors of activity (financial institutions, oil companies, service companies, etc.).

Duration : 4semesters
Courses :

Contemporary economic perspectives

Advanced uses of spreadsheets

IFRS 1 standards

Commercial company law

Funding : free

Master of Finance (Research)

The research master's degree in finance is a research training diploma leading to a career as a financier in working life.

It is in particular a diploma of training and initiation to research in economic growth theory and international finance, prelude to the preparation of a doctoral thesis.

Duration : The Program is structured around 3 semesters of courses and a semester dedicated to the writing of an internship thesis (internship of 3 to 6 months) to be defended in front of a jury.
Courses :

Research methodology


IT and English

International Finance and Applied Econometrics


Mathematical tools applied to finance

Funding : free

Master of Marketing (Research)

This research forms Master of senior experts in marketing, intending the Council or research. In general, the teaching combines a solid handling of quantitative and qualitative techniques and methods with a good knowledge of the marketing concepts necessary for any expert in the national or international environment.

Duration : 4 semesters
Courses :

Theory of organizations

In-depth management control

In-depth macroeconomics

International trade theory

Funding : free
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