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Master of Entrepreneurship and Project Management (Professional)

The entrepreneur (project manager) has the responsibility for success or failure of the business idea (the project). ... Most of all, as project manager, the entrepreneur must develop high-quality policies specifically control of the process to meet objectives.

Duration : 4 semesters
Courses :

Geopolitics and entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial ecosystem

Strategic management and digital transformation

Intangible law and regulation

Taxation and business creation

Funding : free

Master of Innovation Management & Engineering (Professional)

Duration : 4 semesters
Courses :

Marketing of innovative services and products

Managerial economics

Economics of innovation

Data analysis

Industrial management and manufacturing processes

Funding :free

Master of Accounting (Professional)

The Master of Accounting program offers students high-quality and rigorous instructions focused on thorough understanding of accounting functions in the workplace. ... This program is for those who are planning to adopt accountancy as their career with advanced knowledge of accounting.

Duration : 4 semesters 
Courses :

International Financial Reporting Standards

Valuation and business combinations

In-depth taxation

Market finance

Funding : free

Master of Finance : Banking, Insurance, and Wealth Management (Professional)

The Master in Finance, Insurance, and Risk Management prepares for a career in highly-skilled jobs in the financial industry. Graduates use their advanced quantitative finance and econometrics skills in asset management, banks, insurers, hedge funds, consulting firms and major corporations.

Duration :3 semesters
Courses :
Economic and financial environment
Quantitative methods and ICT
Accounting and Taxation
Banking and insurance management
Funding : free

Master of Actuarial Finance (Research)

This master's degree offers intensive training that covers the aspects of distribution and customer relationship management with an emphasis on the development of digital tools and data mining.

Duration : 3 semesters
Courses :
strategic management
Technology and Customer Relations
Data collection & information management
distribution management


Funding : free

Master of Marketing (Research)

The marketing research master's degree offers excellent graduate training that covers strategic marketing, innovation marketing, advertising creation, experiential marketing, service marketing, as well as epistemology and research methodology.

Duration : 4 semesters
Courses :
Applied econometrics
Experimental economics and marketing decision
Scientific research methods
Innovation marketing and marketing strategy
Research training seminars and educational seminars

Funding : free
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