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IMT Business School - Dubai

Executive MBA

The EMBA program is structured in five modules each strategically developed to compound the understanding of various management concepts. The program has a total of 38 credits, with each credit representing 15 hours of class time and approximately 30 hours out-of-class preparation. The program consists of 14 core courses and 4 elective courses spread over five modules. The executive MBA in Dubai program will be conducted over a period of 12 to 15 months in a block structure. Classes are conveniently scheduled over the weekend (Thursdays: 5 pm – 10 pm and Fridays: 2 pm – 9 pm inclusive of breaks).

Duration : 12 to 15 months
Courses :
Corporate Finance
Business and Financial Analysis
Fundamentals of Finance
Financial Maths & Statistics


Funding : 128,016 AED

Master of Business Administration

This program is appropriate for those aspiring to become global managers. There is enough opportunity to learn general business and management expertise that can be applied to multiple industries.

Duration : 1 Year
Courses :
Fundamentals of Economics
Fundamentals of Finance
Financial Maths & Statistics
Macro Economy
Business Model & Corporate Finance
Funding :85.000 AED
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