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INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School

Master in Project Management

This is a program that incorporates the knowledge and management skills necessary for project management. It is a way to be differentiated in the market, acquiring fundamental skills and one of the most highly-demanded professional profiles in the market.

Duration : 1 year
Courses :

 The Project Work Plan. Introduction
Project Management
Related Associations Project Management
Outputs Labor Project Managers

Funding : 5.200 €

Master in Foreign Trade & International Marketing 

This degree program focuses on the practical aspects of global markets to teach students the skills applicable to international trade, importing and exporting, international product marketing and global supply chain management.

Duration : 1 year
Courses :

International Marketing & Exporting
International Trade: Better Importing
The International Environment
Export Market Selection: Definition & Strategies

Funding : 5.200 €

Master in Marketing Management 

To keep up with today’s fast changing and globalizing world, marketing management is always analyzed within the broader context of international enterprise and the operations environment.

Our experienced and qualified staff create a supportive environment where students are able to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of mechanisms and techniques of marketing and are encouraged to develop their own ideas and marketing strategies.

Duration : 12 Months
Funding : 5.200 €
Courses :
Product Quality, Logistics & Distribution.
Customer Marketing
Strategic External Analysis

Postgraduate in Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

The major change that is happening to the traditional shopping concept to the idea of ​​a sourcing strategy itself, requiring new knowledge to integrate in flexible, comprehensive and international ways both people and processes, goods and global projects. New relationships with suppliers from diverse cultures, the importance of soft skills, internationalization, higher quality thresholds, increased risks and increased competition are some of the features that make up the field of purchasing management.

Duration :12 months
Courses :
Purchasing Management as a Strategic Business Function
People Management . Negotiating The Purchase
Integration of Suppliers: Evaluation and Approval
The Management of Supply & Stocks
Funding :  2.900 €

Master in Business Management

This broad-based comprehensive programme includes modules in economic analysis of managerial decisions, economic control and optimization of results, branding, etc. in order to offer a comprehensive foundation for further study or specialization.

Duration :12 Months
Courses :
Company Assessments: mergers, procurement, joint-venture
Managerial Ethics & Social Corporate Responsibility
Technological Innovation in The Companies
Funding :  5.200 €

International MBA

The MBA program approach in various business-related subjects, as develop executive and leadership skills, beside the possibility to gain practical job experience thanks to our internship program, in order to succeed at executive level. It focuses on the practical aspects of global markets to teach students the skills applicable to international marketing and global management in the companies.

Duration :12 Months
Courses :
Company Policy & General management Strategy
Economic Control & Optimization of Results
Economic Analysis of Managerial Decisions
Financial Management
Funding :  7.400 €
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