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MSc International Marketing

The master aims: Consolidate the fundamentals of marketing and communication Master the principles of brand management Develop an in-depth culture of the web, e-business and the web marketing ecosystem Understand the basic concepts of the customer journey and the challenges of data To be able to understand and appropriate the basic tools in the production of content adapted to the web Learn about web project management and budget management.

Duration :2 years
Courses :
Business Strategy
Business Game
Intenational Advertising 
International Trade and Global Geoplotics
Funding : 10850€ per year

MSc Marketing and Brand Management

The goal of this program is to provide students with a deep understanding of Marketing Management, marketing strategy, brand strategy, digital communication and market research.

It is suitable for students wishing to improve their marketing skills and knowledge in a constantly changing environment

Duration :1year
Courses :
Leading Brand and Company Strategies
Consumer Behavior
Market Research
Brand Management
International Advertising
Funding : 10850€ per year

MBA Finance

The MBA Finance provides students with the theoretical tools required to master practical issues in the financial management of business entities anywhere in the world. The primary pedagogical focus in placed on analysis, making extensive use of open discussion and case studies to link theory to observable examples. The objective of the MBA Finance programme is to allow participants to master the financial management of business entities anywhere in the world.

Duration : 1 or 2 years
Courses :
International Accounting Fundamentals
International Finance
Risk Mangement
Investment Banking
Mergers and Aquisitions
Funding : 10850€ per year

International Management

In an economic context tuned more and toward globalization, International Business is no longer limited to simple economic exchanges. Over and above the purely commercial problems, business people are confronted more and more with notions of culture, environment, geopolitics and strategy. The objective of this program is to shape future managers so they are capable of evolving and succeeding within the complex and dynamic universe of international business. The program enables students to consider an international career as import-export manager, commercial engineer, sales manager, marketing manager, commercial executive, product manager…

Duration :2 years
Courses :
Advanced Corporate Finance 
Decision Analytics
Financial Management
Product & Brand Management
Funding : 10850€ per year

MSc Commercial Engineering and Project Management

In a demanding global environment, companies have realized that boosting their project management capacities is essential for gaining a competitive advantage. As a result, they look for candidates with ‘hybrid’ backgrounds: professionals who are comfortable with both the technical as well as the marketing and sales aspect of their products and services. Our training is designed to respond to their needs by preparing our students to master both sales and purchasing techniques, as well as project management at an international level. All classes are conducted in English by professionals and experts in their field

Duration :1 or 2 years
Courses :
Project Entrepreneurship
Risk Management
Business Research Method
Strategy & Innovation
Advanced Finance
Funding : 10850€ per year

International Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

The International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management program addresses issues related to purchasing and sourcing, the main management trends and supply chain policies. It integrates approaches based on low-cost country sourcing, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), sectorial and responsible purchasing, logistics flow management, raw material and currency volatility, and low-cost country sourcing. All these elements will be measured in order to impact the performance of companies.

Duration :1year
Courses :
Financial Analysis for Supply Chain
International Business Law
Purchasing Strategies
Stock Management
Funding : 10850€ 
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