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ISG Gabes

E-Commerce is a fast-growing field that deals with the sales of goods and services over the internet. This master's program focuses on teaching students how to use the different technologies that dominate the field and how to adapt traditional business techniques and strategies to the online marketplace.

Duration : 3 semesters
Courses :

web technology

Algorithm, Programming, & Systems

Information Systems Modeling

CE Multimedia

Development and Analysis

Funding : free

program that has been structured to accommodate working professionals. It provides the same range of introductory and specialized coursework in a format that allows students to enroll part-time and complete the crediting requirements while continuing to work.

Duration : 4 semesters
Courses :

Corporate law

Accounting techniques and reading financial statements

Human Resource Management

Entrepreneurship: the journey

Marketing and Market Research

Funding :free

Master of Financial Engineering (Professional)

Financial Engineering is a multidisciplinary field involving financial theory, engineering methods, mathematical tools, and programming. ... It is designed for students who wish to work in industries such as securities, banking, and financial management and consulting, or general manufacturing and service firms.

Duration : 4 semesters 
Courses :

financial engineering

accounting and governance

valuation and management of financial assets

business Finance

Business Management

Funding : free

Master of Computer Science (Research)

The Masters in Computer Science (by research) is intended for students who already have a good first degree in Computer Science or a related field. For entry to the Masters programme, you should have (or expect to obtain) a 2:1 or equivalent in Computer Science or a related discipline.

Duration :3 semesters
Courses :
Modeling methods
Advanced database
Algorithms and complexity
Graph and Modeling
Funding : free

Master of Accounting & Tax Engineering (Professional)

for professional purposes, this master's degree is a university diploma which prepares high-level executives for the various professions in the accounting and tax field. It aims to foster a deep understanding of the different disciplines related to accounting and taxation and to enable graduates to broaden their fields of expertise in these areas. The master's degree consists in particular of specialized and advanced courses in accounting and taxation in certain specific sectors of activity (financial institutions, oil companies, service companies, etc.).

Duration : 4semesters
Courses :

Contemporary economic perspectives

Business English

Management control (1)

Advanced uses of spreadsheets


Funding : free

Master of Finance Insurance (Research)

The Master in Finance, Insurance, and Risk Management prepares for a career in highly-skilled jobs in the financial industry. Graduates use their advanced quantitative finance and econometrics skills in asset management, banks, insurers, hedge funds, consulting firms and major corporations.

Duration : 3semesters
Courses :
Microeconomics of uncertainty
Monetary and Financial Macroeconomics
Risk forecasting and hedging
Funding : free

Master of Marketing (Research)

What is economic policy and why is it important?

Economic policy is the term used to describe government actions that are intended to influence the economy of a city, state, or nation. Some examples of these actions include setting tax rates, setting interest rates, and government expenditures.

Duration : 4 semesters
Courses :

Development economy
Institutions and development
Course specific


Funding : free
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