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Mediterranean School of Business MSB 

Master of Business Management : Finance

The Master program in Management “Specialization in Finance”, has been acknowledged by the CFA Institute as incorporating at least 70 percent of the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK) and placing emphasis on the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice within the program.

Duration : 2 years
Courses :
Capital Markets and Portfolio Management
Fixed Income
Funding : 15.900 TND

Master of Business Management : Marketing

Marketing is a holistic approach that aims to assess market and business situations, analyze trends, identify and describe potential markets, conduct marketing research, and complete marketing plans. It involves a variety of decisions affecting the company market value and its brand equity.
This is reflected in its product, price, promotion, and distribution strategies.
Using up to date case studies, classroom discussions, and term projects, students will learn how to evaluate an industry, a market, develop strategic marketing alternatives, and provide recommendations.

Duration : 2 years
Courses :
Consumer Behavior
Management of Distribution Channels
Marketing Communication
Funding : 15.900 TND

Master of Business Management : Business Analytics

This specialization aims to prepare future Business Analysts and Managers to acquire, develop, and apply skills, knowledge, techniques and tools from the business analytics, data science, and information systems fields to face the Big Data challenge and respond to the requirements of an environment in a constant change.

Duration : 2 years
Courses :
Advanced Statistics and data Analytics
Topics in Big Data andBusiness Analytics
Business Data Mining
Funding : 15.900 TND

Master of Business Management : Supply Chain

Supply Chain and Operations Management is about planning, scheduling, managing, and controlling all the resources which contribute to making product(s) and/or providing service(s).

Duration : 2 years
Courses : Advanced Operations Management
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Topics in SC&OM
Funding : 15.900 TND

Master of Business Management : Double Degree EADA Spain

Students complete their first year (M1) and enroll in specialization courses from September-December of M2 at MSB.
In January of their second year (M2), they move to EADA and take two of the three trimesters of EADA’s one-year program(s) for 50% of the cost.
After finishing their coursework and projects at EADA, dual-degree students return to MSB and finish their final project for MSB. Upon completion, they receive both degrees.

Duration : 2 years
Courses :
Tourism and Hospitality Management
Funding : 15.900 TND
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