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Osaka University


The Master of Economics (MEcon or MEc) is a postgraduate master's degree in economics comprising training in economic theory, econometrics, and/or applied economics. The degree is also offered as an MS or MScMA or MCom in economics; variants are the Master in Economic Sciences (MEconSc), and the Master of Applied Economics.

Duration : 2 years
Courses :
Mathematics for economists
Funding :535,800 yen /year
Business Analytics


 It is a field of graduate study that specializes in business administration after a student receives their undergraduate degree.

Duration : 2 years
Courses :
Funding : :535,800 yen /year

Applied Economics

It provides students with a solid understanding of the fundamental tools of economic analysis that are employed to conduct rigorous study of economic issues and economic policies. The focus of the program is applied economics. This focus contrasts with that of alternative professional degrees, such as an MBA, which provide the relevant training for a career in business or management. The program’s focus on applied economics also is distinct from that of a masters degree in economics, which is frequently considered a stepping stone to a PhD in Economics and concentrates on contributions to academic research.

Duration : 2 year study program
Courses :
Financial economics
Business Forecasting
Funding :535,800 yen /year
Management of NGOs
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