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Rikkyo University

Master of International Business (MIB)

The Graduate School of Business took aim at one of its original educational goals when it launched its English-based Master of International Business Program (MiB) for nurturing researchers and highly-trained experts who will examine business administration in the global era. The MiB provides a unique opportunity to study business.

Duration : 2 years
Courses :
Business Strategies Across Cultures
International Relationships
Business Development
Funding :914,500 yen 

Accounting and Finance

In the specialization of Accounting and Finance, we provide students with the necessary subjects to gain specialist abilities and knowledge relating to accounting and finance in business administration. Specifically, this includes subjects such as Financial Accounting Theory, Corporate Finance, and Management Accounting Theory.

Duration : 2 years
Courses :
Financial Markets Economics
Financial Strategies
Business Management
Funding : 1,175,000 yen


The specialization of Marketing emphasizes research into markets and competition. Specifically, this field features subjects such as Marketing Strategy, Logistics Systems, and Statistical Analysis. Through lecture courses, students acquire skills such as investigative, and analytical methods, as well as strategic conceptualization methods needed for marketing research.

Duration : 2 years
Courses :
Brand Management
Business Sustainability
Consumer Behavior
Contemporary Marketing Practice
Funding :1,175,000 yen


The Management specialization focuses on the management of organizations for harmonizing the interaction between people, business, and society. Specifically, this includes subjects such as Management Theory, Management Systems Theory, Theory of Organizational Behavior, Social Organization Theory, Business Ethics Theory, Strategic Management Theory, and Technology Strategy Theory.

Duration : 2 years
Courses : Finance
HR management
Funding : 1,175,000 yen
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