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Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University


The MBA program at APU is conducted entirely in English in a culturally diverse learning environment. It offers a strong foundation in established management techniques, interactive classes with faculty and fellow students from around the world as well as opportunities for independent research and internships in the university’s extended network with Japanese companies and organizations.

Duration : 2 years
Courses : 
Funding : 15 398 EUR/year

Accounting and Finance (AF)

The Accounting and Finance (AF) specialization discusses theories and concepts of corporate finance, financial engineering, financial institutions and financial accounting and managerial accounting. This provides students with skills to understand and interpret financial and accounting information. With advanced knowledge and tools in these areas, students will be able to formulate strategies, design control systems and evaluate the impact of cooperate strategies on various stakeholders

Duration : 2 years
Courses :
Funding : :15 398 EUR/year

Management and Marketing (MM)

The Management and Marketing (MM) specialization focuses on understanding and managing the human dimensions of organizations and markets. In business organizations, some of the most important actors are managers, employees and customers, whose decisions and actions are guided by a whole range of factors, from very ‘rational' aspects to subjective perceptions such as emotion and moral values. The constant flux of market conditions requires adaptation as well as provide opportunities for creating new market and social values. This specialization prepares students to develop multi-dimensional strategies and sustainable capabilities for organizations in order to cope with the changing business environment

Duration : 2 years
Courses :
Competetive marketing
Business marketing
Sales marketing
Funding : 15 398 EUR/year

Innovation and Operations Management (IOM)

The Innovation and Operations Management (IOM) specialization focuses on production planning, production management, inventory management, quality management, supply chain mnagement and the impact of information technology on the entire process of production. Students will also learn to manage product development, innovation and entrepreneurship from a technological perspective. This specialization also addresses the question as to why some countries are more innovative than others.

Duration : 2 years
Courses :
National Innovation System
Project Management 
Financial Management
Funding : 15 398 EUR/year

Japanese Management (JM)

The Japanese Management (JM) specialization focuses on the philosophy and practices of Japanese corporations, which helped Japan to successfully industrialize. Japanese corporations, with their emphases on quality, innovation and customer service, as well as their unique style of human resource management and governance, provide an alternative to corporations that follow the Western business model. In this specialization, students will be able to assess both the success and failures of Japanese management practices, which provides a foundation for new models of corporate management in the Asia Pacific region

Duration : 2 years
Courses :
Management in Asia & Japan
Hospitality Management
Funding : 15 398 EUR/year
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