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Sabancy University

The design and the implementation of the Executive MBA take the part-time nature of the Program as an asset and consider participants’ engagement with the Executive MBA and their daily work responsibilities as complementary learning opportunities. Fundamentally, the Program aims to create an environment where formal input through readings and lectures are integrated with platforms in which participants can learn from their own practices and those of other fellow participants. Hence, there is a heavy emphasis on teamwork and students are expected to be active in class discussions and exercises. Most courses use case-studies to bring real-life issues in to the classroom, require students to apply their knowledge in novel situations, facilitate learning through team-work, and improve communication skills through presenting and supporting their analyses

Duration : 21 months
Funding : $18.000 USD per year
Business Analytics

This master, which will be taught in English, includes courses in Finance (Financial Markets and Securities, Dynamic Asset Pricing Theory, Risk Management, etc.), courses in Quantitative Methods (Numerical Methods in Finance, Algorithmic and High Fequency Trading, etc.) , IT courses (Financial programming and Software Testing, Financial Software Architechture, etc.), Artificial Intelligence courses (Fundamentals of Artifical Intelligence, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, etc.) as well as Blockchain courses Technology

Duration : 1 year
Courses :
Managerial Statistics
Managerial Economics
Business Ethics
Funding : 70.000 Turkish Liras


If you want to be well-prepared and well-linked to the business world to pursue an international business career we believe Sabanci MBA Program is the right investment for your career. Sabancı MBA is an innovative full-time 12-month program that combines the practice and theory of management so that graduates can make informed career choices and have the skills and experience to succeed in today's competitive business environment. Through our rigorous courses, managerial skills workshops, a variety of platforms where you meet with a large number of managers of leading firms, exchange opportunities and unique Company Action Projects students are prepared for challenging managerial positions in a globalized economy.

Duration : 1 year
Courses :
Financial Maths & Statistics

Macro Economy
Business Model & Corporate Finance
Funding : $15.000 USD
Management of NGOs
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