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The University of Law Berlin

MSc Business Intelligence & Analytics

The MSc Business Intelligence and Analytics provides a fundamental understanding of data management and cyber security. Gain skills in applying correct statistical techniques for decision making and more importantly, communicate findings in a non-technical way that is easier to understand.Become a specialist in predictive analytics, explore new tools available in the industry and hone your skills in the science of decision making.
Duration : minimum 1 year
Courses :
Data Discovery Visualisation
Data-driven Decision Making 
Predictive Analytics 
Research Methods and Research Based Output

Funding :16,000€

MSc Digital Marketing

This Master degree enables the students to understand the challenges of digital economy for brands, marketing and communication, in order to define and  implement effective policies. The student will masterthe main areas and techniques of digital marketing (e-mail, SEO, displays, social marketing, conversion issues, mobile marketing, …).
Duration : minimum 1 year
Courses :
Digital Marketing Technologies
Digital Consumer Behaviour 
Data-Driven Decision Making
Research Methods and Research Based Output 
Funding :16,000€

MSc Financial Risk Management

This one-year postgraduate degree (or 18 months with work experience) provides a comprehensive introduction to the financial services industry, exploring the broader economic environment and how it influences financial markets. This course is for those looking to become key players in risk management, compliance, audit and treasury functions of financial institutions and corporates.

Duration : 1 year
Courses :
Financial Markets, Analysis & Analytics 
Derivatives and Risk Hedging
Risk Modelling and Basel Capital Accord
Digital Transformation and Blockchain in Fintech
Research Methods and Research Based Output
Funding : 16,000€

MSc Global Accounting

This one year postgraduate degree examines the international business world and the financial environment within it. If you’re interested in a career in accounting on a global scale, this delivers the depth of knowledge you need, with modules covering governance, social responsibility, strategic management accounting, corporate reporting, global audit, mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance.

Duration :1 year
Courses :
Corporate Finance 
Corporate Reporting 
Strategic Management Accounting 
Research Methods and Research Based Output 
Funding :15,000€
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