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University of Bordeaux

Master in Economic Affairs

This international Master program provides students with a broad understanding of key and current economic issues in international affairs, and in-depth knowledge of practical European and international business skills and practices in a stimulating and enriching multicultural learning environment.

Duration :1 year
Courses : 
International Cotract Low 
Trading and Shaping
Business Development Project
Communication Methedology
Funding : 3770€

Master in International Business Management

This international Master program provides both theory and practical knowledge for management within the international environment.

Duration :1year
Courses :
International Business Law
International Trade Practices
International Economics
International Accounting  and Finance
Funding : 3770€

Master in Busiess Administration

This international Master program develops an advanced level of knowledge within the domains of business and management with a focus on finance.

Duration :1year
Courses :
Business Law
Financial Accounting
Decision-Making and Corporate Finance
Business Game
Risk Management
Funding : 3770€ 

European Business Administration

This international Master program focuses on introductory management, law, accounting and finance. Courses are taught entirely in English by visiting European and international professors as well as faculty staff.

Duration :1year
Courses :
Organizational Strategy
Economic Globalization
International Accounting
European Law | & ||
Funding : 3770€
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