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Zayed University, United Arab Emirates.

Executive Master of Business Administration

The Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) is a general management program firmly grounded in the functional areas of the business enterprise. Courses are designed to introduce managers to developments significantly impacting business including technological advances, globalization and a changing economy.

Duration : 3 Semesters 
Funding : 128,016 AED
Courses :
Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Managerial Economics 
Corporate Finance



Master in Diplomacy and International Affairs

Zayed University's Master in Diplomacy and International Affairs program educates and trains future generations of diplomats from the United Arab Emirates as well as professionals from around the world for successful careers in diplomacy and international affairs.

Duration : 3 Semesters
Courses :
International Relations
Public Diplomacy 
Diplomatic History: The Shaping of Contemporary International Affairs
International Political Economy
Funding :128.000 AED

Master of Science in Finance

Specific objectives of the master’s degree program are to:
instruct participants how to use the functions of finance to create and maximize value in commercial companies and societies;
equip participants with current knowledge and techniques required for undertaking the functions of finance with effectiveness, efficiency, and professional standards; and,
develop and promote strategic financial management skills and capabilities for professional success.

Duration : 3 Semesters
Courses :
Corporate Finance
Statistics and Quantitative Methods for Finance 
Financial Institutions Management
Financial Markets

Funding : 96.012 AED
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